Notre savoir-faire au service de votre créativité !

Chez Drifosett, nous réalisons tous vos documents imprimés, du pré-presse aux finitions les plus complexes. Impression offset, digitale, à chaud, letterpress, timbrage et finitions diverses telles que des découpes à la forme, embossages, dos collés, dos cousus, couture singer, pliage, façonnage, laminage,...

Magazines, brochures, en-têtes, enveloppes, mailings, livres, fardes, flyers, affiches, rapports annuels,…Qu'importe vos idées, nous mettons notre savoir-faire et notre gage de qualité au service de votre créativité !


This opportunity to avail of the space presented itself when Heidelberg decided to centralise and further develop its European showroom in Germany. This was an easy solution for "Drifosett", since the two companies had already been neighbours for many years.

Already well established in the luxury and high-value sector of the market, the "Drifosett" printing firm intends to provide an even better and more tailor-made service to its customers. This is a way of strengthening its positioning in the high-quality graphics sector.qualité.

"Drifosett Printing" is a family printing house founded in 1958 by Luc Janssens and then carried on by his son Jean Janssens, current managing director of the company.

Together with his wife, Jean has brought the company its current size. It employs about thirty people, whose tasks cover the entire production chain, from design to complex finishes.

The guiding principles of daily work at the business are not only quality of products and customer service but also the relationships based on good advice and geographic closeness. This is what gives the firm its greatest strength today.


The perfect combination of offset and digital

Drifosett Printing a family-owned printing created in 1958 under the aegis of Luc Janssens..

With these years of experience, printing Drifosett has evolved with its time to provide its customers with quality products and services. For all those years, Drifosett has invested in high tech to be at the forefront of its industry.

Our printing is currently specialized in the production of documents, small and medium formats, such as brochures, letter headings, envelopes, notepads, folders, art books, leaflets, annual reports, invitations , presentation folders, posters, flyers, promotional POS materials, ... Until the most complex printed with selective UV varnish, die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, bending, against-bonding, laminating, cutting, etc.

The leitmotiv of our company is not only based on the quality of our products and customers care, but also to the close relationship, advice and trust maintained with our partners and customers.

Deadlines? We have established several records!

At Drifosett Printing, nothing is impossible. Our teams take up many day to day challenges, both in terms of deadline, where we have already beaten several records, and at a technical and technological level, through advice and tailor-made solutions for our customers.

We’ve built up to cover the entire production chain, from the graphic design to the finish. It does allows us, on one hand, to offer services ranging from brainstorming to finish through graphic design, layout and printing of all your documents, and on the other hand, to be more agile and thus to best meet your expectations.

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Your needs, our strengths

With our dynamic and qualified staff and our specialized machinery, we have everything in place to meet all your needs, at any level of the production chain.

It makes the difference:

  • 1

    Minimizing the environmental impact through recycling, the FSC label and use vegetable inks.

  • 2

    Guaranteed delivery by our means within the agreed deadlines

  • 3

    Our competitive price ensure proper sustainability while providing quality products and services

  • 4

    On demand, flexible production.

Printing on FSC® paper

Printing that respects the environment

In recent years, Drifosett has chosen to print on FSC-certified paper in order to ensure a greener planet for our grandchildren.

The FSC label certifies that for every tree cut, another is planted so as not to exhaust the natural resources of wood on our beautiful planet.